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Naomi E
Upgraded! Working with Katie is miraculous. She makes energetic work effortless and beautiful. While I love personal sessions, I have been pleasantly surprised with how powerful it is to work in a group. Every individual brings an extra layer of healing that Katie helps to weave through the whole group. It is a sweet and tender experience to witness and be witnessed by others while in a state of expansion. Thank you!!
Helen Walker
I Didn’t Know I didn’t know it was possible to drop into my soul. It has been my lifelong goal, I can say right now, understanding this about myself, after 2 sessions with Katie. I am willing to say this because I now have this beginning knowing. Not just an idea, concept, but a knowing from experience with the inner work she is guiding me in. Another way I can speak of her work: there is iindeed access which a human being can have to intentional divine healing, and Katie has access. Thank you, universe, that I have been given the gift of working with her.
Anna L
Amazing session! My session with Katie’s was so relaxing and impactful! She is an energy magician and guide! She helped me uncover energetic assets as well as help me establish some new tools for energetic boundaries and clearing that have left me feeling rejuvenated and empowered. Don’t hesitate to book with Katie, she’s a powerful energetic advocate! I’m
Samuel C
Gentle but Deep Katie's work is gentle, respectful, and deep. It touches on many dimensions, from the soma to the soul. I highly recommend her!
Meredith C
Becoming After having just one session with Katie, I feel more at home in my body… more at ease with my physical place here. A sense of safety I have never quite experienced… my soul had not been fully present/expressive for quite a long time… but since my session with Katie, my soul feels like it’s safe to keep showing up each day.. which is rippling out to a much more enriching life experience.
Meredith C
Becoming After having just one session with Katie, I feel more at home in my body… more at ease with my physical place here. A sense of safety I have never quite experienced… my soul had not been fully present/expressive for quite a long time… but since my session with Katie, my soul feels like it’s safe to keep showing up each day.. which is rippling out to a much more enriching life experience.
A true blessing I was introduced to Katie by a colleague. She has been a blessing. Warm, kind, loving and incredibly effective. She has enabled me to really embrace the true essence of who I am, while also ensuring I’m able to release myself, with love, of the burdens I carry relating to things and people that do not serve my highest good. Thank you, Katie, for sharing your gifts with us.
Julie A
Amazing I can't recommend Katie enough. Her deep, supportive work has been invaluable to me.
Joanna B
incredible I am so thankful to be working with Katie. We had a phone session a few days ago. As she started her work I immediately relaxed and found myself in a meditative state feeling the releases, clarity and grace strongly present and working their magic. Her sessions bring immediate results and help me unfold into my next steps seamlessly. I now have tools to use as I work on what we addressed during the session and feel so much more grounded in my being and authentic self. Thank you Katie! I cannot wait until next time.
Tracey W
I love Katie! I have been working with Katie for so long through so many different depths and layers of experience, and she has bought many gifts to all of them. The magical way she works with energy is beyond something that I can put in to words that relate to this realm - I really cannot quantify it or know the interdimensional impact of our work together. What my humanness knows though is how much I feel seen and loved by Katie, and accepted in all the places, from the messiest messy to the blissful, without judgement or desire to 'fix' or make me different from who I am, and from there I have so much space to expand. My way of being has changed many-fold as a result of the space she has created for me to unravel. My relationship with myself, my family, my job, my body, and so many other aspects have been injected with so much freedom, Thankyou Katie, I have so much gratitude <3
Carolyn H
sacred giddy feeling I came into my session with Katie with very activated stress & nausea in my belly. At the onset of the session that nausea turned into what I can only describe as an open loving and activated sensation. It was wonderful and I was able to relax and ride the wave of the session with openness and more confidence in my situation. I find Katies work and how it effects me as powerful ,enjoyable, assuring and real
Bonnie C
Energy Transmission - LOVE INFUSION Thank you, Katie, for transmitting healing nurturing energy to me. I felt the frequency moving through me and around me, infusing love and beautiful Grace. I am still integrating today.
Retha N
Transformative Experience I had 5 sessions with Katie, which were so incredible and happened with such a natural evolutionary progression for me. I'm so grateful for this experience, as it has transformed my core and my growth trajectory.
Love infusion Love Infusion left me flowing in joy. Katie helped to comb out the sticky stuff, allowing me to step back inside of myself more fully! She was selfless in the process, tuning into my intention for the session ~
Kate F
Instant healing! Loved the session. Combined group comfort and personal attention. And after years of grinding my teeth from stress, Katie's work on my nervous system stopped the grinding THAT NIGHT. amazing..
Jennifer B
Relaxing Into Energy Ease and Love Thank you Katie! I loved your Energy Transmission - LOVE INFUSION Group Session! It was nourishing, relaxing, and clarifying. I feel Great! Loved being in your presence for a sweet dose of powerful community care.
Deirdre F
Great session with Katie I had my first hour long phone session with Katie last week. She tuned into me remarkably, and the session was healing and profound. I recommend her!
Jackie S
Beautiful acknowledgment I am so grateful for the beautiful time together with Katie. I still continue to feel a sense of spaciousness and ease in my being following our session. Her words were so acknowledging, and it felt like she was revealing what was already present but resting just below consciousness. Thank you for your gifts, Katie. I hope to spend time together again in the future.
Awesome Working with Katie is so healing, peaceful, and effective. Katie is exceptionally skilled at connecting with your energy and guiding you on your evolutionary journey.
Highly Recommend Katie has such a lovely spirit. Her vulnerability and attentiveness is so genuine and true. I admire Katies ability to open up a world of greater possibilities within my energy field. She has a buoyancy that is inspiring. Thank you Katie! I love working with you!
Deeply healing, invigorating and incredible I'm so incredibly grateful for the energy session with Katie. The experience was deeply resonant and powerful. I feel so joyful and peaceful, yet also invigorated and renewed. What was especially amazing was the alignment of the session: even though we were in different physical locations, I would sense a specific feeling - say in my feet - and Katie would mention my feet; I would have an image of something in my mind and Katie would mention the same image! I'm truly wowed and so appreciative to receive such love and healing. I've already shared Katie's info with friends and I'm excited for our next session together. Thank you so much, Katie. Sending you so much love and gratitude.
Katie is a gift I've had the privilege of working with Katie both in person and over the phone. Both experiences are equally amazing and I treasure each moment I have in the presence of her thought and attention and healing.
Donald S
Thank-you for your help in getting clarity on my soul journey. Your selfless service in being a channel for the hosts and being from the Other Side is truly a gift. I look forward to working with you again as well as seeing your upcoming move in harmony and peace. Thanks again. Yours in Christ Donald
Kate C
She's here, she's here! What a transformational, mind-bending, portal opening experience to be able to see, hear, touch and feel Katie in person after six plus years of remote guidance via the incredible Lunar Creations Circle. Her masterful energy work has always been effective and gratefully received, but her touch brings it to another level. Go see Katie for whatever you're working on; she's a true Healer and Embodiment of Love. You'll be so happy you did. Thank you Katie - So Special. Welcome to Ulster County XO Kate
Loved this time! Thank you, Katie! I loved that the energy work felt like a co-creation, and exchange of what sensations felt like and what guides wanted to share! A magical hour of growth and expansion!
Sarah B
A North Star Katie’s work has helped ground and focus me no matter what life has thrown my way. From becoming a mother during the early days of covid to negotiating a business deal, her relationship with the energy of grace has taught me so much. I am a better human for it. Her sessions realign everything about my approach, perspective, and nervous system. I wish I could do a session with her every day! I’m honored and humbled to have her in my life and as a North Star.
Lena M
Great session I had amazing first session with Kati 👍😊 She’s very gifted and talented very knowledgeable and smart !!! Great energy !!! Love your spirituality Help me to heal in many aspects And to achieve a lot of goals.
Shannon K
LOVE Katie is awesome. She is grounded, deep and so embodied with her work. Her humor and compassion make intense healing more light. I feel very grateful to be working with Katie consistently and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in healing and deepening their understanding of energy.
Sidra Q
Give yourself a gift-Work with Katie Katie has been an integral part of my healing and growth. I appreciate her insight, here skill, and wisdom as well as her open approach to life.
Beth C
Life changing It was time for me to address some fears and feedback loops that needed some special attention. My first hour with Katie helped me to get to the root of a few issues and left me feeling free, confident and competent. I can and will continue the work on my own and with Katie. She is a tremendously powerful soul with endless love and compassion. It is an honor and privilege to learn from her.
Sarah B
A North Star Katie’s work has helped ground and focus me no matter what life has thrown my way. From becoming a mother during the early days of covid to negotiating a business deal, her relationship with the energy of grace has taught me so much. I am a better human for it. Her sessions realign everything about my approach, perspective, and nervous system. I wish I could do a session with her every day! I’m honored and humbled to have her in my life and as a North Star.
Mandy C
Katie is a masterful healer I have had the privilege of working with Katie for the duration of ten years and she is phenomenal. She is clear and grounded with her intent and holds space to allow the session to unfold exactly as it needs to. The depth and breadth of her work is continuously expanding. She has helped support me through several massive life shifts and I am beyond grateful to have her healing prowess in my corner.
Lisa M
Deep Energy Healing Session My session with Katie was powerful and loving. I felt witnessed as I deepened my connection to Source and my own soul's knowing. I'm so grateful for Katie's heart and healing gifts.
Energy Healing w/Katie Katie is positively amazing and I learned so much and gained so much from working with her. She is an effervescent human with great powers!
Lucy M
Transformative experience Katie is a truly gifted healer. After my first session with her, I am simply in awe of how skillfully and compassionately she guided me through a huge energy shift. As a result of my session with Katie, I felt transformed and like I was finally in the flow with my own energy and the energy of the universe. This energy shift helped me to finally attract some much needed abundance into my life only a few days later! Katie's energy work is nothing short of amazing and awe-inspiring!
Shannon K
Powerful Essence Katie's work is profound and acute. She is subtle and very intensely aware. She is grounded and humorous, weaving the spiritual and practical very easily. I am very grateful to be working with her and feel anyone able to work with her will be influenced and changed in a very positive and empowering way. Much love!
Landis B
Love time with Katie! Always love the insight gained, the energy cleared, the energy grounded. Such a sacred and special time!
Sarah M
Right to the heart of the matter Katie is incredibly tuned in and knowledgeable. Her work is precise and gets right to the source of the issue energetically and provides the clearing and emotional support to release deep trauma and imbalance. 5 stars, for sure.
transformational i have been working with Katie for over a year now, and she is the most supportive, humble and accepting healer. she has followed me through a crazy journey of transformation, without judgement or dictation, helping me to open and release, review and restructure. the journey is made all the more able with Katie next to me, and I love her ability to hear, see and just get exactly how I am feeling, and how I can let go. Katie, thankyou for all you do <3
Sidra Q
Beautiful It is not only and honor and treat to receive an energy session from Katie, it is deeply healing and connecting. I feel like each time I have a session another layer of conditioning and defense is removed, allowing my true essence to blossom even more. Katie is an amazing healer, teacher, and friend.
Annie J. Mininger
GO THERE Katie's damn good. Plain and simple. One of my favorite things is this sense of mischievous levity about her... like I'm with a 7th grade girlfriend who I laugh til i pee my pants with; but who at the same time can create such a profound space for exploration, truth-speaking, and healing in the body/psyche. I am finding that the most effective "healers" are those who are able to be completely Present, with their Love, To It All; and yet aren't overly serious and heavy-limbed about their work. Katie has this Loving Presence. If you're ready and willing, she can GO THERE with you. Enjoy it.
Jennifer B
Amazing! Love working with Katie!!!!
Amazing Session! Katie has been an incredibly valuable resource for me in my business. I have used her to get insight, clarity, ease, abundance and flow in specific areas like attracting new clients to my programs and launching a new business venture. I highly recommend Katie for her no-fluff, get to the point and get the outcome approach!
Jody H
Deep Healing and Transformation I recently had a session with Katie where my nervous system was in overdrive due to the recent death of my mother. After, I felt deeply calm and strong again. We moved through many levels and layers of energy that enabled me to open up again to new possibilities even though I am still in a process of grieving. It was the exact and perfect thing I needed to help get me through a particularly difficult time.
energy work Katie is very adept at powerfully moving energy fields. She generously shares the methods of awareness that a client can access to continue the shifts in one's personal sphere.
Energy Work with Katie The session I had with Katie was genuine, lovely, and deep. By deep, I mean that I felt it was just what I needed. Comprehensive in a way I have not experienced before. I felt instantly at ease and safe which made the work she helped me with so much more effective. Katie was present with me the whole time. I loved the experience. I have been learning from it every day as I go back and reflect upon it. So worth it!
Sam S
Excellent Energy Harnesser Katie creates a safe space for real clearing. She is a powerful conduit between our desires for healing and the energy to get the job done. Whenever I work with Katie I always feel that so much of my old "stuff" moves out and much space is created for sweet new energy.
Robyn P
2 hour Private Healing Sessio Loved it! A gentle, insightful, nurturing experience that opened me up to even more possibilities in my Life. Thankyou Katie :)
Ava J
Exquisite! My session with Katie helped me decide what direction to take with my work. She also brought out the best Mother in me to help with adjusting to mothering adult children. Her sessions are always relaxing, illuminating and deep. A thorough "tune up" for life!
Kimberly S
Fantastic..... Second session with Katie. Although this was one of the short sessions, results quite profound, both in obvious and subtle ways, unfolding over a series of days. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Katie. You are a catalyzing force.....
Cori L
Fabulous reading Katie is a compassionate, skillful healer. She helped me identify my area of concern and move my emotional baggage. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Nellie H
Feels sooooo good! Thank you, Katie, for the deep deep relaxation of that session. That was just what my body and spirit needed to shed some old gunk and experience a re-set and restoration.
Cheryl R
Healing Gem This was my third in a series of six sessions with Katie directly related to an accident and subsequent healing "time out". Her energetic work with me has been pivotal in healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of my existence. In this session we identified a healing energy pattern in my body that is bringing new awareness to how I experience healing my liver and leading with my heart. I love Katie and her work.
Ati S
Getting unstuck My experience with Katie was fantastic. The work we did together felt natural and organic. She was able to hold space for me to express myself and my needs, walking me through a meditation process that allowed me to let go of the feeling of being stuck. By the end of the 45 minutes, I no longer had the heavy feeling in my neck and the knot in my throat. I felt fluid and grounded and grateful for having access to such a natural and talented healer. So much gratitude Ati
Cheryl R
Healer Katie, as always, tapping right in to the essence of my current healing needs following a traumatic accident and injury. She helped me see and feel the source of the injury, and wrapped me in love. All in 20 minutes. Because she is healer and her mojo is definitely working.
Incredible Healer Katie is an amazing person and healer. Never before have I experienced anything so wonderfully powerful and transforming. I have had several sessions with Katie, and every single one was incredible. I so very highly recommend Katie, she has helped me tremendously, and I am forever thankful. :-)
Angela R
Integrity and Divine Delivery As someone that works in energy, I am very selective of who I seek when I need to receive energetic and healing support. Katie is a clear channel of Grace and healing energy as well as intuitive/psychic guide. She is committed to her own growth and clarity and therefore can be a clear conduit for others. As the world energetics / dynamics change, she continues to up-level her capacity, skill, and potency. I know and can feel, that when I receive support from Katie, I'm getting a World/Universe class hook-up! xoxo
Kendra W
Just what I needed With Katie's guidance I was able to clear a number of blocks that have been draining me and getting me down. Katie's energy was nurturing, grounded and deeply insightful. Thanks Katie!
Kate E
Katie Rocks! Katie has an uncanny ability to clue into what I need right when I need it. She works with care, she's thorough, she's supportive, and she's firm. All the qualities that go into effective and lasting work. I can't recommend her enough.
Ava J
Katie's Magic! Katie is such a healer! I came in with a concussion from a car accident and some left over anger towards an ex. She took care of both in the same session. I have never experienced going this deep before. But I have complete trust and confidence in Katie and just let her energy flow and do it's magic.
Jennifer B
Life changing My work with Katie is truly changing my life for the better!
Perceptive and powerful I never fail to gain new insight and new perspective from my sessions with Katie. What's more -- I feel rejuvenated for what's ahead!
Judy Tsafrir, MD
She Tuned into the Heart of the Matter I felt very understood and seen by Katie. She sensitively intuited what are central dilemmas for me and pointed me in directions that I feel will ultimately be very fruitful and liberating. I highly recommend her.
Dina D
Spread the word A friend told me about Katie about 2 years ago and after the first session I was hooked. Best decision I ever make.
Cheryl R
Talk from my Pelvis Who else do you know who can guide you to move your communication energy from your throat to your pelvis for the final piece of embodied wisdom you need to create life connected to source? Nobody. Only Katie the energy artist!
Jody H
Transforming Digging into the most dark places to move and open the energy. Then healing the parts that are ready to be transformed. It's like being air lifted out of a war torn places and landing in a peaceful meadow. Thank you.
Philip S
verb Placing words on this work makes it a noun, when it it really is the penultimate verb.
Kristine B
Very helpful Thank you, Katie, for a very healing energy session. I am very grateful you were able to call out old influences that I suspected but did not have a clear picture of. My voice and writing has definitely become more free since our session, and I have been feeling much more energized in general. Plus, it was just fun and nourishing to connect with you and your gentle presence.
Alyson G
Very powerful, supportive, and direct Katie helped me dive right into --and extract/uproot/release! -- some false beliefs that were wrapped around my core like a strangler fig. I feel that much energy shifted, and I look forward to seeing how this is reflected in my outward life. Thanks Katie! :)
Cindy S
Very powerful work I feel so blessed that the universe led me to Katie. It took me a year to finally decide to make an appointment however I am certainly glad that I did. Katie is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and strong. She holds an amazing space for the work that she is able to transmit. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to move through those things that lay in the mystery of what holds you back. She can empower you and help reveal what needs to be done so that you may keep walking forward.
Retha N
Wonderful I've had one session with Katie Todd and had a great experience. Katie helped me move through deep rooted blocks. I felt safe, relaxed, and very engaged during the session. After the session, I felt invigorated and content. I am very grateful for this experience and recommend Katie to help you help yourself.
Laura O
Wonderful Katie is an inspirational healer whose wisdom is simply irresistible! She is kind and gentle in her approach to energy work and she puts me at ease with her spritely personality.
Brad B
Wonderful on so many levels! Katie is a true gift. Her energy work brings me to a deep place where I'm able to release things that are unwanted, and welcome in my truth, strength and power. She is a beautiful soul and I am grateful to be able to work with her, and experience her gifts, and the transformations they help facilitate in me.
Sam S
Powerful vessel of healing I have had several sessions with Katie through the years. I recently had 2 incredibly powerful and profoundly healing visits with her. I think of Katie as a conduit for our own wisdom, guides and healing. She is skilled at feeling what needs to move, guiding the energy along and bringing deep and lasting shifts in energy. My most recent session brought me so much revitalizing and powerful surges of hope and light and tears and healing. Katie is an incredibly skilled energy artist!
Kimberly S
Highly Recommended I have had energy work in the past, but working with Katie is by far the most exceptional experience. Not only does she possess magnificent intuitive gifts, she is able to translate her insights into clear and concrete practices that one may use to amplify the energetic shifts in daily life -- subtle yet profound daily practices to manifest one's highest and best self....Thamks Katie!
Awesome Healing Katie is a kind, caring and nurturing healer. She has a knack for giving more than you expect. Whenever I complete a session with her, I am uplifted, and I can watch the things we worked on unfold over the subsequent days. She gives great tips and resources so that I can continue to grow. I am so grateful to have such an amazing healer in my life.
erika s
Always feel great afterwards! I love working with Katie Todd and will continue to see her and send other folks her way!
Sidra Q
Amazing I've had three sessions with Katie and each one is more profound than the next. Katie's knowledge, skills, her grounding presence, her power all contribute the revolutionary (I don't use that word lightly) experience and healing. I've carried with me a ball of yuck deep in my core for many years. I've not been able to access it or understand its message despite lots of work and healing modalities. Basically, it was blocking my life, my life energy. Katie helped me reach that place, give it voice and images all while keeping me grounded and feeling safe. It is gone! After so many years. Also, I leave each session feeling totally blissed out. A feeling that lasts for days. I recommend Katie Todd fully; for anyone who is trying to connect more deeply with themselves or for anyone who would just like to find a more easeful place to exist.
Hannah A
Radiant healer Sessions with Katie are delicious and profound. I'm always deeply touched by the shifts that transpire within a relatively short period of time working with her. Katie has a special gift that brings so much light into this world, and I'm grateful to have her radiance in my life.
Jennifer B
Powerful Session Katie led me through a powerful session that helped me to have more clarity. She gave me tools to focus on what I desire to attract in creating my awesomely abundant year.
Zuzanna V
My session with Katie I just had my second session with Katie via phone and she is awesome. I can feel the energy shifting, sudden sobbing, and then it stops; noticing parts of my body I haven't been able to previously….anyway this is all to say, if you area considering a session with Katie, DO IT! My first session was followed by a series of remarkable synchronicities that led me further along where I wanted to be. I suspect the same will be true some time after this second one. I am thrilled to know of her work. I give her 10 stars, two thumbs up and a giant high five!
Katie is the best! If you're stuck, in pain, or just feeling out of alignment with yourself -- spend a little time with this amazing energy healer. You won't be sorry.
erika s
Amazingness and bliss Katie has a magic touch for sure. Each session is deeper, more profoundly healing and beyond relaxing. Many good things are happening in her care, even if we can't perceive them all!
Catherine K
Inner dances It was incredible to be in healing space with Katie. She opened the door and walke through with me into my body and surrounding energy field. Together we explored a variety if issues I've been dealing with, cleared out old stuff, bought in new energy and inspiration. It was a beautiful dance. I'm still enjoying the shifts in my being and life days later.
naomi e
Yay for eagle feathers! I'm new to this, with that said, the experience was powerful for me. With Katie's help and guidance I was able to find some areas where I'm stuck and bring some attention and care to them. This is a nice alternative to talk therapy especially since a lot of what I experience as problem areas are difficult to articulate and often not solved through vocalizing. I am looking forward to future work with her.
righteous You were totally awesome and awe inspiring
 "Katie has deep connection with inner world. The healing with Katie helped me immensely to un-stuck from the pattens that were not serving me and provide support to both healing and progress.  Every time I feel uneasy or restless I am drawn to my session with Katie and I focus on bringing it back... Thank You Katie"